Hersteller von Not- und Sicherheitsbeleuchtung


TM-PROG is a programming device used to read and save addresses of lighting fittings that are compliant with TM-CB A or DATA 2 system. Programming is executed in a wireless mode that provides for operation without connecting lighting fittings to a power supply. The programming device has a built-in battery that offers long operating time, and the current consumption is shown on a display. The provided charging socket lets the device be charged by using universal chargers or by connecting them to a computer. The programming device has an ergonomic casing that protects the device against mechanical damage and prevents accidental slipping from the hand.

The screen shows the following information:

• current time,
• current date,
• selected system type (D2 or CB),
• charger connection state,
• battery charging state,
• read address/address to be saved,
• current programming stage.