Hersteller von Not- und Sicherheitsbeleuchtung



Emergency lighting control has never been more user-friendly thanks to an application compatible with the system for management of emergency lighting DATA 2. ELVIS visualizes buildings with emergency fittings installed, making building administration much easier. The user can place fittings within the building plan to quickly detect and precisely diagnose any faulty fitting. To increase operating comfort even further, the program has the function of automatic and cyclic sending of reports on the system status to a given e-mail address.



    The primary feature of the program is visual
implementation of emergency lighting
systems installed in public facilities. The
program can easily detect and quickly locate
alarm conditions in the system. The user can filter the list of fittings according to preset
parameters: no power, test error, battery
error, light source error.

                 Once the user uploads building plans,
the application automatically creates
a simplified 3D diagram with a view of all floors in the building. After selecting the desired level, the program takes the user to the corresponding floor plan. If one of them is highlighted in red, the system informs that there is an error of fitting(-s) on the floor.

  The user can add a 2D view / 3D view
/ layout / plan of his/her choice. The
application supports the feature allowing
to separate building sections and assign
them to the corresponding views. After
configuration, by pressing a specified field,
the user is taken to a selected building plan.

  The system allows configuration
of automatic sending of reports on the system state
to an e-mail address. It is possible to configure
multiple recipients and time intervals
(for generation and sending of report).


Schematic diagram showing the principle of the Emergency Lighting Visual Implementation System ELVIS